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Security Guard/Patrol Officer Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Security Guard/Patrol Officer Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Finland’s best provider of security services is Securitas. We offer flexible, prevalent, and personalized security solutions to businesses, communities, government organizations, and people. Finland supports work visas for remote nationals to work in security services as a deficiency skill.

You’ll discover all the information you need to apply for Security Guard/Parachute Officer employment in Finland that is supported by a visa, including the work description, capabilities, obligations, and application process.

Why Finland?

Finland is an amazing location to work as a security guard because of its notoriety for tranquility and security. In a secure and inviting environment, you’ll have the chance to serve and protect.

Job Details

  • Title: Security Guard and Patrol Officer Jobs
  • Location: Finland
  • Hourly Salary: $15–$50 per hour
  • Education: Diploma, bachelor’s degree, or secondary
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience

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Job Market for Security Guard/Patrol Officer Positions

The demand for security experts in Finland has been consistently expanding due to the nation’s commitment to keeping up a secure environment. Security guard and patrol officer roles are predominant in different segments, including commercial establishments, open spaces, and occasions. Numerous companies, both large and small, are effectively looking for qualified people to connect their security teams.

Criteria Required

  • To get a Finnish work visa, you must be at least eighteen years old.
  • While a few jobs might require a high school diploma or its equivalent, there are no minimum educational requirements.
  • It would be perfect if candidates had at least one or two years of experience. Nonetheless, a lot of companies give both experienced and new candidates on-the-job training.
  • The preference will go to those who have completed any kind of proficient preparation program for security roles.
  • You should be qualified for the Finnish work visa category for incompetent laborers, regardless of any conditions or requirements.
  • A work permit is fundamental in order to legally work in Finland. On the other hand, your company arranges for your work permit from the Ministry of Work when you have a visa sponsorship.
  • This may be physically difficult work that calls for solid collaboration capacities, hand-eye coordination, solid communication abilities, and the capacity to function in a challenging setting.You may need to stand and move for long periods of time.
  • Swedish and Finnish are the two languages of Finland.
  • English isn’t adequate for the majority of the Finnish zones. You must speak Swedish and Finnish, at least exceptionally well.
  • A clean criminal record and a great restorative record can require a background check.
  • Being versatile is fundamental for working overtime and different shifts.

Benefits of Security Guard and Patrol Officer Jobs in Finland

  • Visa Sponsorship: Security guard or patrol officer employments in Finland regularly come with visa sponsorship, giving people an opportunity to work legally within the country.
  • Stability: These roles offer work steadiness, as there’s a continuous request for security services to preserve a secure environment in different divisions such as commercial, private, and industrial.
  • Competitive Pay Rates: Finland regularly offers competitive pay rates for security experts, guaranteeing monetary well-being and a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Work-Life Balance: Finnish work culture emphasizes a solid work-life balance, permitting security guards to appreciate their individual time and investigate the country’s natural magnificence and social attractions.
  • Safety and Low Crime Rate: Finland is known for its low crime rate and generally high security. Working as a security guard in such an environment contributes to a sense of security and well-being.
  • Training Opportunities: Security-protected employment regularly comes with preparing openings, permitting people to improve their aptitudes and advance in their careers.
  • Integration and Multiculturalism: Finland advances multiculturalism, and security-protecting occupations give an avenue for people to integrate into society while contributing to the security of the community.

Job Tasks

Here are common obligations for security guard and patrol officer positions in Finland that will incorporate visa sponsorship:

  • Access Control: Guarantee only authorized personnel enter restricted ranges, checking recognizable proof and verifying credentials.
  • Emergency Response: React instantly to crises, such as alerts or disturbances, and take suitable action to preserve security.
  • Communication: Keep up effective communication with individual security staff, as well as with other important parties, using radios or other communication devices.
  • Report Writing: Record incidents, activities, and perceptions in detailed reports, giving precise data for record-keeping and future reference.
  • Customer Benefit: Give help and information to guests, workers, and temporary workers while keeping up a professional and considerate demeanor.
  • Risk Assessment: Recognize potential security dangers and vulnerabilities and execute preventive measures to relieve them.
  • Equipment Operation: Utilize security equipment such as observation cameras, access control frameworks, and alerts effectively.

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How to Apply?

Use the related link to complete the job application. Please move quickly, as positions that become available will be filled as soon as qualified candidates are identified.

Apply Now


In Finland, getting to be a security guard is a fulfilling career that includes keeping individuals and property secure. Numerous benefits are related to this profession, including the potential for career advancement and amazing compensation. Follow the instructions in this handbook if you’re prepared to require it in a career where security is your first need. You might soon discover yourself playing a part in Finland’s security.


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