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Unskilled Jobs in Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship 2024

It is nothing new that Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to its great landscapes, cultural heritage, and powerful economic background. For this reason, the country has been represented as a symbol of opportunity in the sphere of foreign work.

The nation offers a range of skilled job vacancies, however, it has apprenticeships as well for unskilled laborers who are looking for work.

In this post, we will talk about the unskilled jobs in Luxembourg. Our emphasis will be on guiding you on visa sponsorship, job requirements, benefits, duties, salary, and a list of available jobs.

Job Details

  • Job Title: Unskilled Jobs 
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Visa Type: Full-Time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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What is Visa Sponsorship in Luxembourg?

Visa Sponsorship in Luxembourg applies to those individuals who wish to work in Luxembourg, the basic step is to get the appropriate visa as the visa is the threshold that one has to pass to work in this country. Fortunately, Luxembourg presents a large pool of visas for both highly qualified and unqualified employees. Many times, sponsorships for visas is done by the employers, this is one of the ways through which work immigrants enter the host country. Unlike highly skilled personnel, unskilled workers often have the opportunity to present a paper or a short-stay visa for evolving employers to have an understanding of the duration and nature of employment.


  • While unskilled jobs might not need you to have graduated or have a long experience in a specific field, common skills are needed. 
  • Many times we also had to communicate in other languages such as English, French, German, and Luxemburgish. 
  • Not only that current firms looking for basic literacy and numeracy proficiencies in candidates but also for candidates with open minds and who are ready to learn and undertake new tasks.


  • Even though they have a name for unqualified jobs, workers in Luxembourg often get the perks of a range of benefits. 
  • For example, these benefits could be salaries that are on par with competition, health coverage, paid holidays.
  • Work that allows progress to be achieved. 
  • Therein it is added that this ensures access to the country’s advanced healthcare system with schools of high quality and good living standards.

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Salaries of Luxembourgish unqualified employees are not entirely determined by the type of occupation, branch, place of work, or company where an employee works. On the one hand, this affords attracting cheap labor from abroad, but, on the other hand, this reinforces minimum wage rules that make local workers get fair pay. For unskilled workers, wages vary around €2,000 – €2,500 per calendar month, with the extra overtime pay and allowances factored in.

Types of Jobs

Housekeeper/Cleaner: In addition to this, the service provision unit carries out activities such as cleaning and tidying residential and commercial properties, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene are met.

Retail Sales Assistant: Being a part of the team that assists customers in department stores, resupplying the shelves, and tidying the store space.

Hospitality Staff: Roles might be a variety of jobs you can be the wait staff, a kitchen helper, and a room housekeeper to serve the guests.

Landscaping/Gardening Assistant: It focuses on giving care to outer spaces which comprises planting, pruning, and landscaping the residents’ and commercial properties.

Delivery Driver: As a responsible driver, primarily deliver goods and packages to particular locations, to stick with given delivery schedules and safety rules including wearing safety jackets and seat belts.

Caregiver/Personal Assistant: Assists the disabled or elderly community members in their everyday needs or being their guardian angel.

Factory Worker: The primary involvement of locomotors includes manufacturing processes where assembly line operations and quality control are being carried out.

Cleaning Services Supervisor: Head up a team of workers, sort out the tasks, ensure the requirements are taken into consideration, and talk to every customer.

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How to Apply?

Unskilled jobs in Luxembourg may not give many skills needed for the job, but they still allow the employees to find work and sponsorship of visas in the European country which is hustling, breathing, and living well. If you want to look for an opportunity to work in Luxembourg, it is best to apply for a suitable job.

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