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Rota Nanny Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Rota Nanny Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024

A trustworthy client needs a motivated, caring, and talented nanny to help with their young daughter’s daily care and development. You may take care of the young lady as her essential caregiver, seeing to all of her daily needs and schedules and making sure she meets all developmental objectives. Along with making sure the young lady has fun within the classroom so she may succeed, you’ll also be capable of driving her to and from occasions.

The ideal applicants will be charming and able to maintain the girl’s attention, have previous experience working in private homes, and be qualified to provide childcare. Other prerequisites include dealing with this age range and having previous experience with small children. Dubai is where the family primarily resides.

Job Details

  • Country: Dubai
  • Industry: Domestic Service
  • Type of Job: Full-time, part-time, and permanent
  • Requirement: English-speaking
  • Age: No limit
  • Visa: Sponsorship
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Salary: AED 2000

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Criteria Required for Rota Nanny Jobs

To secure a Rota Nanny job in Dubai with a visa sponsorship in 2024, you typically need:

  • Relevant Experience: Previous experience as a nanny, especially in a rota or rotational schedule, is crucial. Highlight your expertise in childcare.
  • Education and Certifications: Possess relevant qualifications in childcare or early childhood education. Certifications in CPR and first aid may be beneficial.
  • Legal Requirements: Ensure you meet Dubai’s visa eligibility criteria. This may involve providing the necessary documents and undergoing background checks.
  • Language Skills: Good communication skills in English are often required. Knowledge of additional languages, such as Arabic, can be an asset.
  • References: Strong professional references from previous employers or families you’ve worked with can enhance your application.
  • Flexibility: Be open to flexible work hours and schedules, as rota nannies often follow a rotational system.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Familiarity with and respect for the local culture is important. Show your ability to adapt to cultural norms in Dubai.
  • Wellbeing Check: A few employers may require a well-being check to guarantee you’re fit for the demanding duties of childcare.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Look for bosses or offices that provide visa sponsorship for expatriate workers.
  • Networking: Utilize online platforms, recruitment organizations, and organizing occasions to connect with potential managers or organizations advertising rota nanny positions in Dubai.

Job Obligations

  • Oversee and take care of the young woman while her guardians are away.
  • Take charge of the kids’ daily activities while their guardians are away, such as playing, bolstering them, and doing their homework.
  • She can take care of her hygiene because she is an adolescent and not a baby or toddler, but you should be on the lookout if you see her or anybody else not doing it correctly.
  • Attend to the girl’s social development and plan playdates for the kids, including trips to the park, swimming, karate, or any other kind of social activity. In the same way, when the kids’ parents aren’t around, you have to watch over their interactions with visitors.
  • Keep the house a healthy place to live.
  • Ensure the girl’s emotional and mental health are met.
  • They make her bed linens and laundry when they are at school.
  • Keep track of the girls’ daily activities and medical histories.
  • Other than extremely light housework, there are no housekeeping duties.
  • Educating her in English through scholarly and lighthearted approaches.
  • Help the teenager acquire and use English.

Average Salary Package

In Dubai, the average pay for a rota nanny is AED 2000. On the other hand, experience and other factors can cause the pay to rise.

Advantages of Working as a Rota Nanny in Dubai

  • For individuals who wish to work caring for children, rota nanny jobs in Dubai with visa sponsorship provide many benefits.
  • Support for visas in Dubai offers a genuine, secure career opportunity. You feel content and stable, and as a result, you feel worry-free.
  • People in Dubai who work as rota nannies have the opportunity to interact with a vibrant, diversified society. They have the opportunity to work with international families, broaden their horizons intellectually, and gain exposure to a variety of cultures.
  • In addition, there is a significant rota nanny job market in Dubai. They receive great compensation for this.
  • They also get fantastic perks, including housing, assistance with transportation, and health insurance.
  • In this secure city, nannies can also enjoy their leisure time.
  • Excellent way to advance professionally and better oneself. You also get an incredible experience in one of the greatest cities in the area.

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Application Process

Here are some measures to follow if you wish to obtain a visa and work as a nanny in Dubai. This will increase your likelihood of being hired. The first step is to search for reliable organizations or websites in Dubai that are dedicated to the nanny market. Many job advertisements may be found on these websites, which also assist you with the application procedure.

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For those looking for a rewarding career in childcare and the ability to live in a bustling, multicultural city, rota nanny jobs in Dubai present an intriguing option. Qualified nannies can investigate these options and improve the growth and well-being of kids in the area with the extra bonus of visa sponsorship. Dubai is still a desirable location for people seeking to start a fulfilling career path because of the growing demand for rotas.


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