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Office Service Coordinator Jobs in Canada 2024

Office Service Coordinator Jobs in Canada 2024

Sinopec Canada is a completely claimed division of Sinopec Worldwide Petroleum Investigation and Production Corporation (SIPC), a prominent worldwide upstream oil and gas venture with its central station in Beijing, China. Since 2005, Sinopec Canada has been a prominent player in the Canadian energy division. Being an Office Services Coordinator at Sinopec Canada involves becoming a profitable member of our group that’s committed to effectively progressing toward a maintainable future.

Job Details

  • Job Position: Office Benefit Coordinator Jobs
  • Company: Sinopec Canada Energy Ltd.
  • Location: Canada

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At Sinopec Canada, we’re committed to creating a diverse, inviting, and effectively accessible workplace where every worker is treated with regard and feels supported and appreciated. Please inform us of any lodging you’ll require for the enlisting or interview process, and we are going to do our best to suit you.

Primary Purpose of Position

As well as working closely with different groups inside the company, the Office Services Coordinator will grant the Manager and Administration vital administrative support. An independent specialist with a solid commitment to discretion and polished skills will be the perfect choice. To succeed in this profession, one must be able to oversee and prioritize exercises in a fast-paced corporate setting.


  • Three to six years of experience in open relations, office administration, organization, or a comparable profession.
  • A bachelor’s degree in communications, open relations, or worldwide trade would be beneficial.

Roles and Obligations

  • Distribute packages, keep track of supplies, and organize spaces to support office operations and procedures.
  • Help workers with their authoritative needs, such as organizing meeting spaces, planning trips, and writing reports.
  • Answer questions from representatives and handle demands for office supplies.
  • Assist multidisciplinary groups in their coordination.
  • Verify properties regularly for issues requiring support and security. Assist contractors and benefit suppliers in coordinating repairs and upkeep.
  • Help facilitate nearby employee visits and transportation needs, as well as staff migrations to and from Calgary.
  • Help the office services group and staff with the planning, setup, and organization of gatherings, conferences, and other events.
  • Taking notes, recording gatherings, recording, and overseeing reports as needed.
  • Help with budget following, investing reporting, and essential cost administration and reconciliation.
  • Assist with work environment well-being and security strategies and make sure that policies and methods are followed.

Place Experience, Proficiency, and Knowledge

  • Enthusiastic and determined to work well in a challenging, hectic setting.
  • Strict privacy rules for overseeing sensitive data.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills.
  • Experience collaborating with individuals from other cultures.
  • Outstanding capacity to unravel issues, multitask, and coordinate projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities are combined with respectful, accommodating, and proficient behavior.

Job Benefits

Working as an Office Service Coordinator at Sinopec Canada Energy Ltd. In Canada in 2024 can offer benefits such as competitive compensation, openings for career progression, a positive work environment, and exposure to the energetic vitality industry. Additionally, you will enjoy advantages like well-being and wellness benefits, prepared programs, and a strong group culture.

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Application Process

To apply for the Office Service Coordinator position at Sinopec Canada Energy Ltd., interested candidates can visit the company’s official site or utilize the assigned online application portal. The method may include submitting a resume, or cover letter and possibly participating in interviews or assessments.


The Office Service Coordinator part at Sinopec Canada Energy Ltd. Offers an interesting opportunity to contribute to the success of a driving vitality company in Canada. With a center on efficient operations, working environment harmony, and continuous improvement, this position is ideal for people looking for a dynamic and fulfilling career within the vitality division.


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