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Nanny Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Lake Como, nestled within the breathtaking Italian Alps, isn’t only known for its shocking scenes but also offers special work openings, including positions as a caretaker or handyman/dog carer.

For their Lake Como house, a well-known and obliging family is searching for a live-in handyman and dog care supplier who can work all year. The capacity to live and work in Italy or the EU is a necessity for this position.

Job Details

  • Job Position: Nanny/Housekeeper
  • Qualifications Required: Not specified
  • Required Language: English
  • Experience Required: 2+ Years
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Country: Italy

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Nanny Occupations in Lake Como

Lake Como, with its rich residents and Catholic air, presents openings for caretakers to work in energetic and diverse families. Families frequently look for experienced and caring people to provide childcare services.

Role Description

Dog care and common house support will be provided to the suitable candidate. The family visits the property five or six times a year, although they are gone for the majority of the year. It is fundamental to speak English well. Fluency in Italian or Russian and knowledge of the encompassing region are extraordinary assets.


The position involves living in an isolated staff house on grounds that include a kitchen, restroom, and other amenities.


Nanny positions in Lake Como regularly include caring for children from different foundations. Duties ordinarily include:

  • Supervising and engaging children in age-appropriate activities.
  • Assisting with homework and educational activities.
  • Preparing dinners and guaranteeing a secure environment.


To work as a caretaker, handyman, or pooch caregiver in Lake Como, Italy, you ordinarily need:

  • Work Visa: Guarantee you’ve got the right work visa for Italy, which may include sponsorship from your employer.
  • Language Abilities: Capability in Italian is regularly required, particularly for communication with managers, nearby specialists, and potential emergencies.
  • Experience and References: Past encounters in caregiving, handyman work, or pet care are basic. Give references from past managers or clients.
  • Certifications: A few families may favor candidates with significant certifications, such as to begin with help or particular caregiving qualifications.
  • Legal Necessities: Comply with nearby labor laws and guarantee all essential paperwork, like a criminal background check, is in order.
  • Cultural Affectability: Being socially mindful and versatile is vital when working in an outside country.
  • Health Protections: Have comprehensive well-being protections to meet any therapeutic needs during your stay.

Job Benefits

  • Immersing yourself in the wealthy Italian culture and lifestyle.
  • Living within the beautiful environment of Lake Como.
  • Opportunity to improve or learn Italian.
  • Competitive compensation or compensation in line with local standards.
  • Support with getting and reestablishing work visas.
  • Some positions may help in finding accommodation.
  • Building connections within the nearby community.
  • A chance to enjoy a balanced way of life in a peaceful setting.

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How to Apply For Nanny Jobs in Italy?

You can apply through the given link:

Apply Now


Lake Como’s special blend of natural beauty and social richness makes it an engaging destination for those looking for caretaker, handyman, or dog carer parts. The included advantage of visa sponsorship encourages a smooth move for people looking to embark on this enhancing experience in one of Italy’s most enchanting districts.


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