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Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners with Work Visa Sponsorship

Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners with Work Visa Sponsorship

Are you searching for work as an outsider in Thailand? Thailand is additionally known as the “Arrive of Grains” with over 20 million worldwide sightseers going to Bangkok alone each year. This number does not incorporate individuals who move there forever to live and work.

To comply with this, you must get long-term work licenses for all employees who will live and work in Thailand. In this article, you’ll be able to learn about Thailand visa benefits, working conditions for outsiders in Thailand and working conditions on a Thai visa.

List of Available Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners:

  • Project Assistant
  • Construction, Project Development Assistant
  • Guest Management Officer
  • Test Development Engineer (TDE)
  • Assistant Quality Control Inspector
  • Salon Receptionist
  • Technician
  • Account Manager
  • Marketing and Trade Manager Collaboration
  • Technicians Manager Production Assistant Test Engineering
  • Director Financial Relationships
  • Sales Coordinator (Account Manager)
  • Head of Key Account Management
  • Deputy Director
  • Deputy Director of Learning and Development
  • Digital Delivery Manager
  • Business Planner
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Requirements for Foreigners to Work in Thailand:

Work Permit Requirements Before Working in Thailand is required. This confirmation includes your phone number, job or corporate description, and information about the Thai company you work for. It can also be utilized as a work permit in Thailand.

To get a work permit sometime recently entering Thailand, you must begin by getting a non-immigrant visa. You may apply for a work permit seven days after your nonimmigrant visa is acknowledged.

Work Visa requirements for foreigners:

Work Visa Before issuing a work visa for an unused contract in Thailand, your company and its employees should act on many considerations. 

  • You must hire four Thai experts for every non-Thai employee.
  • The specific conditions for this performance are your company’s BOI success and your company’s non-Thai employees meeting the minimum requirements. To avoid the above restrictions, your company must demonstrate that the reason for choosing remote workers is necessary.
  • Labourers must have unpaid work, have a nonimmigrant visa, have essential instruction, and be qualified for the work. Candidates must be at least 25 years old, in great well-being and not have a sedate compulsion or genuine sickness.

How to Apply for a Thailand Work Support Visa?

To obtain a work permit you must visit the Bangkok Labor Service. If your device is BOI-supported, your employees can visit our one-stop wellness centre located in Bangkok Chamchuri Plaza. As a candidate, you must include the following documents with your application:

  • Certificate of company registration Business line participants Licence, if relevant for VAT certification and filing
  • Employment contract deductions related to security benefits
  • A work visa in Thailand requires the disclosure of certain information by persons working in Thailand. They are required to present their visa (a copy of each marked page), non-immigrant visa, boarding pass, acceptance letter from high school or university, and original transcripts or relevant licenses. If your teacher is married to a Thai person, he or she must have a 30-day extradition certificate and three major passports issued within the last six months.

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Wages in Thailand

  • Accountant: 960,000 – 1,500,000 Baht
  • Baht Finance Manager 1,800,000- 4,500,000 
  • Construction Manager 1,000,000-1,900.00, 40,002,020,020 Baht 
  • Project Manager 1,400.0 00-2,400,000 baht

Where can I find a job in Thailand?

You can use or combine various strategies to find a job. This will be the fastest way to find a job. Some regulations may benefit long-term residents of Thailand more than newcomers.

These are some of the most common methods foreigners use to find work in Thailand.

  • Using appointments to find a job
  • Finding a job with the help of a domestic worker
  • Using an employment agency to find a job.


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