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Hotel Jobs in USA with Free Visa 2024

Hotel Jobs in USA with Free Visa 2024

Working in a hotel in the USA with a sponsored visa There are several advantages to operating an inn in the United States. This means that apart from the huge payback you will get, this activity will also be fun for you and will give you the probability of meeting and reaching out to new people from all over the world. To run the software immediately,

Several places in the US could sponsor visas. Hoteliers currently appear to be looking for additional people to fill vacant positions due to the lack of strain in North American countries due to legal guidelines from the authorities. In this post, we have included US motel positions that can sponsor visas for 2024.

Job Details

  • Country: USA
  • Job Title: Hotel Jobs
  • Experience: Few Years
  • Education: Diploma
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Salary: $4,916 monthly

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List of Hotel Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Lists of the best motel activities that you might find useful are indexed below in case you are looking for a US resort job that can provide you with an assistance visa.

Assistant hotel manager

This role is needed at the Four Seasons Resort in Georgia. The Assistant Manager may be responsible for supporting the supervision of guest services, mobile calls, front desk supervision, and guest family members, in addition to ensuring that guests at the resort can enjoy a remarkable and memorable trip. This is a permanent position that requires full-time work.

Important job duties

The Assistant Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that front desk registration and cash registers run smoothly. Be easy-going, offer management to a group of front desk workers, and attend to passenger needs and requests.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Control.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar capacity is required.
  • Personal presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to speak multiple languages.
  • An effective command of the English language is required for the characteristic in the USA.


The Four Seasons Motel in Boston, Massachusetts is open for bell/door service. The position is permanent, full-time, and consists of sponsoring foreign travel visas.

Important job duties

  • As a bellman/doorman, it is a nice part of your job duty to greet visitors arriving at the lodge by private car, limousine, or taxi. You are to welcome them to the hotel by setting up an automatic door for them. In addition, you support the guests when they leave in their cars. As a bell/door attendant, you will be expected to greet walk-in visitors in a pleasant manner.
  • You imagine selling bags from the car, spotting guests, and offering tourist passes, which are other duties as a doorman/bellman at the Four Seasons. Once again, when testing, you will have a manual operation at the front desk.
  • By directing vacationers’ vehicles and taxis to the best spots and valet parking to stunning spots, they ensure a clean passage for clients through pressure.
  • Visitors can get directions, suggestions, and statistics about the city and its attractions from the bell/door staff team.

Knowledge and skills:

  • Reading, writing, and speaking in the English language are essential.


Hotel jobs in the USA come bundled with a myriad of benefits, making them an attractive option for job seekers looking to build a rewarding career:

  • Working day to day in a hospitality setting puts staff in touch with visitors from different ethnicities and cultures, this process leads to developing cultural awareness and expansion of individual experience.
  • The hospitality sector is truly the pearl of a certain center for the Labour market, such as numerous career options for the development of one’s career. From the bottom, an individual can progress up the hierarchy, securing an advanced position, provided the consistence of outstanding performance, knowledge, and competencies.
  • Among hotels, training and development programs, a common element, have gained popularity. This is meant to boost their employee’s capacity and skills. Hotels frequently offer a list of perks to their workers including free rooms or complimentary facilities for employees’ personal purposes.
  • Health insurance coverage, wellness programs, and a gym available at work are among the employee benefits that is offered and always ensure staff well-being comes first.

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How to Apply?

Hotel Jobs in the USA offer the perfect gateway for all job seekers. If you have the skills why not try for this job position?

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