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Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024

With Canada’s vast, fertile expanses and its many fruit-picking opportunities on offer, this country is really like an orchard from which one can pick his/her preferred job. For those who think that city life is just not for them, and are interested in learning more about the lifestyles of farmers, these present unique opportunities. 

Apart from that, international students as well can apply for visa sponsorship and follow this successful activity. In this article, we start with everything you need to understand about fruit-picking jobs in Canada, from the job requirements you need to fulfill to the benefits, responsibilities, pay rates, and examples of many different roles involved in this field.

Job Details

  • Position: Fruit Picker
  • Location: Various orchards and fields across Canada
  • Duration: Typically seasonal, varying based on crop and region
  • Job Type: Temporary, full-time, or part-time

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  • Physical Fitness: Fruiting is a tired and tiring job meaning that workers spend the whole day bending over to collect the fruits on their ground and they otherwise lift the baskets containing them.
  • Attention to Detail: The picking ripeness and the fruits’ quality control are of crucial importance – there should be only perfect and undamaged fruit within the picking area.
  • Teamwork: Most of the packing jobs consist of the team so cooperation is of high necessity as well as effective communication.
  • Adaptability: In surround of weather conditions as well harvest time plans may remain inconsistent, the workers should be ready to face such alterations.


  • Cultural Exchange: Work in different cultural and population-based groupings of agricultural Canada.
  • Outdoor Experience: Embrace the bucolic attractions of Canada’s farmlands by tending to orchards and cultivating the fields.
  • Skill Development: Acquire priceless hands-on agricultural know-how as well as transferable skills relevant going forward.
  • Networking: Develop some ties to the agriculture sector, which in turn might spur the birth of your own creative and innovative thoughts.


  • Harvesting: Softly removing already ripe fruits from them by being vigilant about avoidance of harm to the products. Use our artificial intelligence to write proofs to help you with campus tasks. 
  • Sorting: Sorting fruits based on whether they are small or big, green or yellow, and passing the particular quality control standards.
  • Packing: Attentive bagging of fruits involving containers or crates preparation for shipping.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Cleaning work areas so they are hygienic and safe by meeting all applied standards


In Canada, the wages for picking fruit jobs change once in a while because of factors like where you are working, which crop, and the employers in the region. Usually, wages derive from an hourly rate or the plants producing the most fruit. Hourly pay ranges from CAD 12 to CAD 20 according to the roles and may be increased by additional incentives based on one’s performance.

Types of Jobs

Apple Picker: Picking from fruit from areas like British Columbia and Ontario which give crisp apples.

Strawberry Picker: Plucking strawberries from fields in Quebec and Nova Scotia with my hands.

Cherry Picker: Eating cherries directly from bushes while enjoying the fresh air in the Okanagan Valley of Canada.

Blueberry Picker: Blue acres’ hands-picked the juicy blueberries straight from the bushes in Bay of Fundy regions like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Grape Picker: Grape consumption for making wine would be from vineyards located in the regions of Ontario and British Columbia.

Peach Picker: Specific peaches harvested from the orchards in Ontario in the Niagara area.

Pear Picker: From canning the fruits from pear orchards in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Raspberry Picker: When you choose recently picked sweet raspberries in estates like in British Columbia or Ontario.

Plum Picker: Being the source of our plums from various factories across the provinces such as Alberta and Quebec.

Apricot Picker: Collecting delicious apricots from orchards in the Okanagan Valley from fresh-cropped areas of British Columbia.

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Location-wise Job Opportunities:

For specific job postings and opportunities, you can check the following links based on the location:

How to Apply For Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada?

Fruit picking employment funded by the visa in Canada is special because the person can join the country’s agricultural traditional lifestyle at the same time, delve into the culture, and work hard to make a living. From the start to the end, the mysterious journey encapsulates not only the magnificence of the British countryside but also sparks a deep connection among you and others in the journey. From there, if you’re into the outdoors, love adventure, and want to try something different, you will find fruit picking in the Great White North an interesting challenge to get started with.


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