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Assistant Executive Housekeeper Jobs in New Zealand 2024

The assistant executive housekeeper is an important managerial position in the dynamic New Zealand hospitality industry. It’s a position that is responsible for the smooth operation of accommodation facilities where tourists and travelers stay. 

As it is 2024, we will be looking with interest not only at the requirements and responsibilities but also at the other aspects – the rewards and advantages of this job and the palette of opportunities it provides.

Job Details

  • Job Title: Assistant Executive Housekeeper
  • Location: Various locations across New Zealand
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Part-time
  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent

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  • A settling degree or equivalent high school graduation probably is a minimum educational level, to mention relevant experience in housekeeping or scribing. 
  • Moreover, certification for these candidates in hospitality management and housekeeping management might give an additional advantage to job obtainers. 
  • Along with the ability to speak and write fluently in English and, additionally, good organizational and communication skills, will undoubtedly be of much use. 
  • These qualities as attention to detail, time management skills, and professionalism in using equipment and chemicals are amongst the basic attributes of a good housekeeper.


  • Apart from giving competitive wages which we are to dig in now, many of those jobs offer chances of moving up in a career and developing professionally. 
  • The employer might offer an integrated suite of benefits consisting of health insurance, retirement planning, paid time off, and reduced or free accommodation at affiliated properties in different locations. 
  • Besides, the hospitality industry is typically a vibrant workplace where one is exposed to various cultures and the opportunity to work with them gets the employees connected and the chance of personal growth.


  • Taking care of order, and ensuring guest satisfaction in the accommodation sector at the same time. 
  • Usually, duties involve supervision of cleaning staff, staffing teams, training sessions, as well as effectiveness of own hygiene and safety standards. 
  • As Assistant Executive Housekeepers, one oftentimes works in great cooperation with the Executive Housekeeper to ensure the maintenance of clean and sanitary inventory levels, supplies, and cleaning protocols.


Median salaries for those work are in the range of NZD 45,000 to NZD 60,000 a year but could go higher with performance incentives. High-end buildings which are situated in the tourist hubs might promise higher wages at the top of the range, meanwhile, lower parts and rural regions would provide slightly lower compensation.

Types of Jobs

Resort Assistant Executive Housekeeper: Resorts usually have a great number of facilities like villas, pools business places, etc. Therefore, they have to maintain strict management of the housekeeping workforce and resources.

Apartment Complex Assistant Executive Housekeeper: Alongside the cleaning and maintenance of communal areas as well as the individual units in apartment complexes, management of this position is a crucial obligation.

Senior Living Facility Assistant Executive Housekeeper: Ease of daily life in retirement homes and assisted living facilities will be managed by this job that covers such services with housekeeping

Vacation Rental Assistant Executive Housekeeper: The growth of the platform market for vacation rental has created a space for cleaning and maintenance which is a specialized niche inside hospitality.

Conference Center Assistant Executive Housekeeper: The portfolio line of conference centers is diverse as they carry out a range of events like conference room cleaning, auditorium setting, and exhibition halls which need to be organized very well.

Boutique Hotel Assistant Executive Housekeeper: In boutique hotels, the Assistant Executive Housekeepers are mainly responsible for interior design and delicate cleanliness. In these unique spaces, every hotel has its specifics which require special attention to detail.

Luxury Lodge Assistant Executive Housekeeper: Found at the very heart of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, luxury lodges which are the places to stay in offer some of the best housekeeping standards in the world, alongside the luxurious experience.

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How to Apply For Housekeeper Jobs in New Zealand?

Assistant executive housekeeper jobs in New Zealand in 2024 are a field that can be very satisfying for those who are keen on hospitality service and maintaining cleanliness. Among various jobs, this position is specifically responsible for ensuring all room rates are right, and all bookings are made properly. This role remains integral to the run-well of most accommodation establishments in the nation.

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